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“Gay worked on numerous projects at once, including significant moves and changes in our Mainframe Computer Centre, as well as managing a 75% churn rate in our Head Office facilities. She handled all her projects with the same efficiency, and no detail was left unexamined or missed. She was utterly unflappable and handled all situations with equanimity. She had an exceptional relationship with our Head Office customers. In 1-year, she dramatically improved relationships between Head Office Facilities and our customer base – 3,000 people, 1.2 million square feet, 8 Head Office premises. I received numerous positive comments on her abilities and her manner in dealing with people. Our customers were always satisfied, and their expectations were frequently exceeded.”

- Senior Facilities Director, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia Head Office

“Thank you Gay --- you are so dedicated. Thank YOU for all the effort you have put into this. We appreciate you. Thank you for assisting with the change at such short notice --- you are wonderful!! Although the serenading bit could have been left out!

– Former President, Thom Thompson, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

“I have always enjoyed working with you. You’ve always given me the “straight story” and taught me a lot about space planning”.

– Registered Nurse, Occupational Health & Safety

“I wanted to congratulate you on how successfully the 6th Floor Renovation went. As one measure of success, I didn’t receive a single phone call expressing concern over any part of the project! There were significant challenges to be met, and you were exceptionally effective in meeting them. I very much appreciate your hard work, dedication, level head, and sense of humour in meeting some tight timelines, and meeting the needs of our customers. Thanks for providing incredible customer service and making a difference for our customers. WELL DONE!!!”

– Executive Director, Provincial Data Operations

“It is never too late to express how much my co-workers and I were satisfied with the way you handled our move. We combined three offices from different locations into this one. So, this operation required extra-ordinary organizational skills and you were very much up to a task at hand, and our move went smoothly. All equipment and furniture were in place at the time you planned. We were also impressed with how you handled the preparation stage, you heard all our requests, provided us with excellent drawings of the space so we were able to ahead of time, plan where we wanted our furniture to be placed, and we all know just how many special requests we all had at the time, but you managed to meet everyone's needs.”

– Attorney General, Family Justice Legal Services

“I had the pleasure of working with Ms. McDannold-Broomes during our office renovations. I found Ms. McDannold-Broomes to be very professional while assisting us in our office renovations. She provided excellent working plans for our project. In addition, she has good interpersonal skills as well as innovative ideas in office layout design. Moreover she was very accommodating when requested for meetings to discuss changes and modifications for our project. May I conclude that I would not hesitate in recommending her services should I ever require office design layouts with my current employer.”

– Facilities & Systems Manage, OA Solutions

“Gay McDannold-Broomes of Canadian-Caribbean Designs was initially contracted by BC Buildings Corporation to assist with the downsizing of our government office – The Agricultural Land Commission. Gay worked closely with ALC staff to develop a block plan and lay out space planning and design options. She was sensitive to staff during a difficult downsizing period and her professional expertise in guiding our decisions was greatly appreciated. Once the new office plan was finalized, construction drawing details were provided and the renovation crew took over. Gay listened to our needs and requests and responded to our suggestions for change. She made sure she clearly understood what our work process was and helped to translate that into a revised functional interior and office plan. Gay’s client liaison and communication abilities not only kept us up-to-date during the process, but helped us to navigate through a complex and bureaucratic group involved in the project. She was always conscious of our budget limitations. Gay provided a detailed inventory and plan of individual office furniture, which was very helpful on moving day. Gay worked with individual staff members to plan their office space specific to their work habits and needs. Her approach helped staff feel like they were a part of the project. Since we were satisfied with Gay’s service throughout this project, we requested she be contracted again for a more minor purpose. This project involved re-working our reception area on an extremely limited budget and a requirement to use existing furniture. Again Gay worked with the affected staff to determine their needs. She liaised with office furniture providers to custom design additional furniture based on her detailed plan and supervised the installation. We would use Canadian-Caribbean Designs in the future should the need arise.”

– Policy Analyst & Office Manager, Agricultural Land Commission

“A short note of thanks to you for a ‘smooth move’. Your patience and personal attention to ensuring this transition was completed easily on very short notice, is appreciated.”

– Project Manager, IBM & Next Generation Insurance Systems Project Office

“I do not know how you are able to keep your sanity and continue to deal cheerfully with your corporate clients. I hope you are not getting the same pressure from the rest… We owe you BIG TIME! Thanks for all your help”.

– Senior Vice President, Insurance Technology

“Thanks Gay – this quick service is making me look like a star to my group! I wish I could take the credit, but know that it really belongs to you. Thanks again!”

- Vice President, Autoplan

“As usual you have affected a miracle in a short space of time and I know our customers appreciate your hard work”.

- Senior Manager, Administrative Support

“Bravo!!! Hard to believe the construction zone came together so quickly and I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent service. We really appreciate your creative ideas and for making this vision a reality. Thanks again for pulling this off on such short notice”.

– Internal Marketing and Promotions

“As usual you have effected a miracle in a short space of time and I know our customers appreciate your hard work. … A lot of juggling to make this happen “sans incident” – not only unusual in a move like this, but also unlikely. Well done to your entire team!”

– Senior Manager, Head Office Facilities

“Gay McDannold-Broomes did a terrific Design for the best use of our space. She was efficient, thorough, and a pleasure to work with. We are very pleased with our new work space, and the unstinting efforts”.

– Vice President, Insurance Underwriting

“Boy, you certainly have impressed me! Really super customer service.”

– Senior Vice President, Autoplan

“Gay, thank you for the chocolates. The move was rather ‘sour’ however it certainly was not due to your lack of expertise. As usual you provided excellent follow-up and customer service. Once again many thanks!”

– Senior Manager, Administrative Support.

“I want you to know that the work you do is recognized beyond this one comment. All the hard work, dedication, and endless hours are immensely appreciated. I know the kind of effort and “heart” that you put into everything you do. This customer has stated what I also believe “you are making a significant different in servicing our customers”, Great work!!! And thanks!

– Senior Manager, Workplace Provisioning

“Gay, please accept my sincere gratitude for all your help with our move… I know you worked very hard to meet my somewhat unrealistic deadlines and over-all request. You provided excellent customer service and genuine concern and follow through. Once again, than you very much!”

– Senior Manager, Public Issues and Public Affairs

“Thanks Gay, keep the magic coming”.

– Senior Manager, Help Line Support

“Wow…! I’m very impressed, Gay… what incredible customer service!”

- Road Safety Group

“I want to inform you of the most expeditious and excellent customer service provided to me by Gay McDannold-Broomes. Gay provided a print-out of the office plan and exact occupancy in square footage within a short period of time; in turn enabling me to provide excellent customer service to my clients. Thank you so much for the excellent service. In the past this kind of information has taken me days to obtain!”

- Senior Accountant, Facilities Head Office

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You do wondrous work!!!”

– Senior Vice President, Compensation and Research Department

“… Thanks Gay. You always have a positive way of delivering bad news!”

– Senior Manager, Customer Collections

“Bouquets… of flowery thanks!!!! For all your help…”

– Senior Manager, Long Range Planning

“Gay just a brief note to thank you for your superior service. Not only did you provide us with all the changes we requested, but you did so in an astonishingly short time!”

– Multimedia Education Services

“Just a note to thank you and your crew for all your extra effort in pulling off the move. Your efforts have maintained our 110% satisfaction rate with Facilities services, both regular and extraordinary.”

– Vice President, Public Affairs

“The projects that I have been working on the past 2-years have been large and have required a number of office moves and initial set-ups. Gay has been responsible for planning the layout of the office spaces and for coordinating the moves. Gay is very good at listening to the customers’ requirements, ideas, and restricting factors, such as budget and date constraints. She takes this input and produces designs that are very good at balancing these needs with the realities of office furniture, space available, office ergonomics… including arranging for furniture, equipment, data/cable, telecommunications moves, etc. Some of these moves were required with little notice, and Gay was able to pull the office layout plans together very quickly and arrange the move. Gay has been a very valuable and reliable resource for our team.”

– Senior Project Manager, IBM Systems Director

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